​​Video content at your fingertips

​Having trouble with your live or recorded video ​production? We have your needs covered and checked.

​A new type of video consulting service.


​We are not a "corporate video" company.  We work directly with creators to custom tailor content to meet their needs and exceed their audience's expectations.


​Our wide-ranging network of artists can ensure that your next production will be a unique work unlike others available in the genre or marketplace.


We only utilize ​accomplished professionals across the multimedia entertainment field so that each production​ has an all-star team, no matter the size or cost.

​Our Code of Ethics

Creators Come First

​We put each creator and their needs above the production in every circumstance.  Health and safety will never be compromised in the pursuit of content.  We pledge to be a company of, by, and for the creators who struggle to be heard.

Life is Beautiful

​The journey of living is the greatest gift any person can possess.  Our programs show the great diversity of life on our planet and will help show others that through our collective creativity we can overcome any obstacle.

Purpose Not Paycheck

​​We work because we love what we do.  Our motivation can be seen in our quality.  Any of us can land a corporate video job to pay the bills, but we choose to work with creators because we ​​enjoy the same passion​: ​sharing life with others.

No One Thing Stays the Same

All things are ever-changing in the world.  As our company grows, we too will change.  We ​make a commitment to change only for the betterment of our creator community and to advance the limits of multimedia art.

​Audio/Visual Production Partners

​Kara Hammond's creative agency is a one-stop-shop for artists in need of professional consultation or direction. Previous clients include Universal Music Group, Sony Music's The Orchard, Native Instruments, and The Recording Academy.

​Kara Hammond Creative

Creative Agency

​Stanwood Studio is a community driven, recording and arts studio ​with ​two ​​studio spaces, 36 channels of audio, and a Behringer x32 console with Universal Audio Apollo interface equipment setup based in Atlanta, GA.

​Stanwood Studio

Audio Production Studio

​Guilty Peach Productions specializes in artist-specific content in the music industry like studio recordings, live performances, music videos, and documentaries. They are certified partners with iTunes and AmazonPrime.

​Guilty Peach Productions

​Original Productions

​Ultra Fuchsia Films ​focuses in designing and producing large scale productions and feature films, notably "Assassinaut" (2020), "Science Team" (2014), and ​an 8hr livestream music and arts festival The New Wave (2020).

​Ultra Fuchsia Films

​Large Scale Production Consulting

​Festiviz (festival vision) is a multi-media production company specializing in festival coverage with 4K cameras, drones, interviews, multi-cam footage, and livestreams. They operate internationally to provide live event coverage.


​Outdoor Event Coverage

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